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Minimal change of name in the Danish legislation – An enormous symbolic value for biogas

On 11 May, a perhaps inconspicuous change was passed in legislation concerning the Danish gas supply. A simple name change means that the legislation that was previously called the “Natural Gas Supply Act” will in future be called the “Gas Supply Act”, and everywhere “natural gas” will be replaced by “gas”.  Literally, the change may seem minimal. But, digging deeper, there is an enormous significance and recognition in this name change that stems from the transformation we as a society are going through and the fact that the gas supply is getting greener and greener year by year.  In 2020, 16.9% of the gas supply was covered by biomethane, and by 2023 this share is expected to increase to 30% 2.  The name change says it all. In the future, we will not be talking about natural gas supply, but rather gas supply of sustainable biomethane.  Biogas Express follows the developments throughout, and we look forward to continuing to contribute to future developments. 

The current system of guarantees of origin is maintained

May 6 was a good day for biogas in Denmark. It was decided in the Danish Folketing that the existing system of guarantees of origin must be maintained. There has been a debate about whether biogas plants that receive aid should subsequently be able to sell guarantees of origin. If this system had been introduced, it would […]

There is still a big potential for Danish biomethane

On TV2 News, Saturday 24 April 2021, it was announced by the Minister of Climate and Environment, Dan Jørgensen, that they are aiming to increase the amount of biomethane from the current approx. 20% to 70% towards 2030. This ambition is in correlation with Biogas Denmark’s note from June 2020, in which it is estimated that only 20% of the manure from […]

Biogas has a central position in meeting the 2030 climate target

The biogas sector in Denmark is estimated to have a significant effect in relation to the realization of the target of a 70% CO2 reduction in 2030, corresponding to DKK 20 million. tonnes of CO2 equivalents. In the Climate Council’s newest evaluation of the latest politically adopted initiatives in the field of climate and energy, […]

How does biogas work as a circular economy?

In relation to our biogas launch, there has been spent some time visualizing where the biogas comes from and how it is produced, which has led to the following result: In the biogas plant, manure, waste, and sludge are mixed in the receiving tank. Then is the mixed material heated to between 38 and 52 […]

Biogas Express changes address in Denmark

Biogas Express’ green growth continues, and as a natural part of that development, we will replace the usual office settings on Monday 16th of November, with larger and better premises at House of Makeen Energy. Our future address will be Alsvej 21, 8940 Randers SV. The new address includes, among other things, several meeting rooms, […]

Esbjerg’s garbage trucks are going green

On Monday morning the 21st of September, 22 brand new garbage trucks rolled out on the streets of Esbjerg Municipality. The vehicles run on biogas and save the environment more than 600 tons of CO2 per year. We are proud that Marius Pedersen has chosen us as partner for the biogas delivery, where the biogas […]

Launch of biogas as part of the product portfolio

Biofuel Express A/S and Biogem APS have chosen to establish a joint venture in the form of Biogas Express. Hereby expertise from the biogas sector combined with the passion for the green transition and sustainable fuels. This means that Biogas Express in future will be able to offer biogas to companies that want to improve their climate and […]

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