Clarification: The situation in Ukraine

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine affects us all to a greater or lesser extend. Prices are rising, the demand for alternative energy is rising, and not least the focus on natural gas and gas in particular has also risen drastically. As a company that deals with gas, albeit the green kind, it can still not evade to have an impact on the entire market, and therefore it’s also important for us to create transparency towards our customers; 

The current situation in Ukraine and Europe has clarified our dependence on Russian gas. If one imagines that a united EU will try to end this dependence, a decision could possibly be to close off the flow of gas from the east via Nord stream 1. Conversely, the situation may also be that Russia makes the decision for us and cuts us off directly from their gas. Which way it will go can only the future tell… 

However, Biogas Express follows the development of this situation on a daily basis and has therefore launched an emergency contingency plan to ensure communication and overview to our customers in the conceivable scenarios we imagine could possibly arise, and we also live up to our obligations and the government’s demands for contributions to replenish the gas reserves towards the winter of 22/23, so that with joint help we can ensure the critical societal functions that require gas consumption. 

Biogas is important for Denmark’s sustainability and in light of the situation also for being self-sufficient in gas for now and in the future. Biogas Express only supplies biogas from biogas plants in Denmark and is therefore 100% independent of Russian gas in our portfolio. All transactions through us will therefore be documented biomethane with associated guarantees of origin and sustainability documentation. 

 If you have further questions about your gas deliveries, you are always welcome to contact us on phone +45 61 71 88 11 or by e-mail:

Clarification: The situation in Ukraine
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