UNs Sustainable Development Goals

There is an increasing focus on how to create a better and more sustainable World. It is also with this in mind that the UN has set “The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)”, which, for example, should function as a more tangible tool that companies can use to adapt their efforts and improve in certain areas on an ongoing basis. 

In this relation, has Biogas Express selected several of the SDGs to use as guidelines to work with on an ongoing basis and some are already met through our existing work. 

You can read how we work with the selected SDGs here: 

SDG 2 – Zero hunger 

By actively working for an increased use and production of biomethane through 2nd generation biomasses, it contributes to the 2nd SDG. Biomethane is a renewable energy source which, when produced from sustainable biomasses, increases land productivity and ensures that energy production does not take place at the expense of land that should be used for food production. Furthermore, the nutrient value of degassed material is increased, and the use of degassed biomass as fertilizer promotes a more sustainable agriculture. 

SDG 7 – Affordable and clean energy 

Biogas Express works to ensure both producers and end users of biomethane a fair settlement for renewable energy. The greater the demand for biomethane, the greater the incentive to increase production, thereby increasing the supply of sustainable and green energy. 

SDG 8 – Decent work and economic growth 

Biogas Express contributes to goal no. 8 by ensuring a sustainable working environment for the company’s current and future employees. In addition, the business models are continuously adjusted so that they are sustainable at all times and support a sustainable business in growth with a focus on realizing win-win situations across the entire value chain. 

In addition, biogas production generally functions as circular economy and the production also help to create jobs and economic growth within agriculture. 

SDG 9 – Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure 

Biogas Express contributes to the 9th SDG by being a participating partner in innovation and development projects, where we bring our expertise and knowledge to the table to support the continuous development of the industry. 

SDG 11 – Sustainable cities and communities 

Through Biogas Express’ work with biomethane as an energy source, the development of the sustainable society is supported. We are actively working to promote biomethane as a fuel in the transport sector, which together with electric vehicles will reduce the particles in the cities. 

SDG 12 – Responsible consumption and production 

Biogas Express supports the biogas industry, which is circular economy in its purest form, as waste and residual resources from society and the production apparatus are refined into energy and fertilizer products. Energy replaces direct use of fossil fuels, while the use of organic residues in biogas production ensures CO2 savings both in agriculture and in general production, as nutrients are refined and efficiently recycled. 

SDG 13 – Climate Action 

Every step of the production that is converted into the use of biomethane is an active climate action and a piece in the great global transformation that is needed to mitigate climate change, which we are already seeing signs of everywhere in the World today. 

SDG 14 – Life in the sea 

Degassed biomass has a greater fertilizer value and a higher absorption when used in agriculture. This reduces the leaching of nutrients to the aquatic environment, which ultimately contributes to coastal areas in particular suffering from algae blooms and subsequent oxygen depletion. 

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