What is the difference between biogas and natural gas?

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Actually, it should be talking for itself, what the difference between a fossil and a non-fossil product is, but the word “natural gas” can quickly mislead most people – because shouldn’t it be a natural product then? The fact is, however, that natural gas is a fossil fuel that has not had the most natural way to the surface. 

Natural gas 

Natural gas is like oil extracted from the subsoil. Microorganisms and dead animal have after their death been preserved underground for millions of years, where they have been exposed to pressure and high heat, which over time are converted into nitrogen, CO2, hydrogen sulphide, hydrogen, helium and not least methane gas. Gas rises upwards through the ground and plants itself in small air pockets and can from here be pumped out trough water or CO2 from the airtight pockets or reservoirs, as it is called. Because natural gas is fossil-based, it will also eventually be a source that is depleted, and at the same time the use of natural gas increases the CO2 in the atmosphere. 


 Biogas is, as the word actually indicates, made from biological material. What makes biogas particularly good, however, is that it mostly consists of waste material or residues. This applies to such things as livestock manure, waste from crops and household waste. The biogas process also has the advantage that there is a residual product in the form of degassed biomass that can be used as fertilizer on the fields. In addition, biogas does not increase the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere, unlike fossil fuels. 

Therefore, it is also important that the demand for biogas increases, so that the amount of natural gas is gradually phased out in the gas network, as the biogas production is gradually scaled up. 

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What is the difference between biogas and natural gas?
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