Clarification: The situation in Ukraine

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine affects us all to a greater or lesser extend. Prices are rising, the demand for alternative energy is rising, and not least the focus on natural gas and gas in particular has also risen drastically. As a company that deals with gas, albeit the green kind, it can still not evade […]

What is the difference between biogas and natural gas?

Actually, it should be talking for itself, what the difference between a fossil and a non-fossil product is, but the word “natural gas” can quickly mislead most people – because shouldn’t it be a natural product then? The fact is, however, that natural gas is a fossil fuel that has not had the most natural way to the surface.  Natural gas  Natural […]

Straw, the golden under-utilized biomass for biogas

Everywhere cereal crops are grown, whether it being wheat for bread or barley for beer, whether it being in Denmark, Germany, or Switzerland, there will always be a side-stream of straw. Primary straw (dry and stock stable) is a wonderful product with such diverse derivatives as feed and bedding for animals, cellulose for packaging materials […]

Power2X – The new and renewable energy source of the future

Power2X is on the lips of most energy enthusiasts. The prospect of a very different energy system, where we get our energy from many different sources and technologies, is extremely interesting. Electricity production has historically been a limiting factor. However, with the development of renewable energy sources such as wind and solar in recent decades, which only produce when the wind […]

Biogas can help meet several of the UN’s Sustainability Goals

Biogas and the biogas industry can help meet several of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and create sustainable conditions in agriculture and society.  At Biogas Express, we have set up the specific goals that biogas can help to meet and at the same time tried to explain how:  Goal 2: Stop hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition, and promote sustainable agriculture   With its circular economy, where waste and manure from, among other things, agriculture are converted into both energy and fertilizer, the biogas industry can help to create a sustainable agriculture that takes both climate and the environment […]

More documentation required for all biogas plants

With the new RE-directive which comes into effect from 1 July will a number of changes take place for all biogas plants. These changes depend on whether the biogas plant is upgraded and connected to the grid, or whether the biogas plant supplies the gas directly to a gas engine for electricity and heat production.  For biogas plants with an upgrade  Here, the new […]

Straw is an important player for future biogas production

The almost 10-year-old political ambition in Denmark that 50% of livestock manure should be handled in a biogas plant is still untapped. At the time of writing, the share of livestock manure degassed in the Danish biogas sector is estimated at just over 25%. This means that there is still great potential for more biogas production in Denmark.  According to Biogas Denmark’s biogas Outlook 2021, biogas will be able to fully cover the Danish gas needs in 2030, if there are worked on making 70% of the livestock manure being delivered to the biogas plants. The livestock manure must be supplemented with straw, and for this require the development of techniques that will enable a greater use of straw for biogas. Straw is of crucial importance for future biogas production1.  Biogas Express works on finding the solutions to existing problems and challenges and ensures that our partners are familiar with the latest knowledge in the field and are at the forefront of development. 

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