More documentation required for all biogas plants

dokumentationskrav biogas

With the new RE-directive which comes into effect from 1 July will a number of changes take place for all biogas plants. These changes depend on whether the biogas plant is upgraded and connected to the grid, or whether the biogas plant supplies the gas directly to a gas engine for electricity and heat production. 

For biogas plants with an upgrade 

Here, the new requirements will primarily deal with changes in the way in which the CO2 displacement of the produced biomethane is calculated. The new RE-directive gives biomethane produced on manure a greater weighting in the emission calculations. Hopefully, will more manure and livestock manure find its way to the biogas plants, and with just over 25% of the total amount of manure handled in the biogas plants today, there is a great potential for further expansion of the biogas sector. 

Greenhouse gas savings are required for all new biogas plants from 2021. 

For biogas plants that supply biogas for CHP production 

The biggest change will be for the plants that supply biogas directly to gas engines, Combined Heat and Power (CHP) production with an output above 2 MW / 200m3 per hour. All plants, regardless of size, that use eligible biogas must now, in addition to the annual biomass report, have a so-called Verifier Declaration. This declaration is issued by an accredited body that can audit ISCC or REDcert, and this declaration must document that the biogas plant meets additional requirements for limiting the use of energy crops in production. 

You can equate the verifier declaration with a “light” REDcert or ISCC certification. Biogas Express is managing all the facets of these new requirements and wants the easiest possible transition for all biogas plants. We are ready to help you through this transition and hope for very good cooperation in the future. 

More documentation required for all biogas plants
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