Straw is an important player for future biogas production

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The almost 10-year-old political ambition in Denmark that 50% of livestock manure should be handled in a biogas plant is still untapped. At the time of writing, the share of livestock manure degassed in the Danish biogas sector is estimated at just over 25%. This means that there is still great potential for more biogas production in Denmark. 

According to Biogas Denmark’s biogas Outlook 2021, biogas will be able to fully cover the Danish gas needs in 2030, if there are worked on making 70% of the livestock manure being delivered to the biogas plants. The livestock manure must be supplemented with straw, and for this require the development of techniques that will enable a greater use of straw for biogas. Straw is of crucial importance for future biogas production1

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Straw is an important player for future biogas production
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