The current system of guarantees of origin is maintained

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May 6 was a good day for biogas in Denmark. It was decided in the Danish Folketing that the existing system of guarantees of origin must be maintained. There has been a debate about whether biogas plants that receive aid should subsequently be able to sell guarantees of origin. If this system had been introduced, it would have been a negative outcome for the Danish biogas industry. 

On March 23, Biogas Denmark wrote: 

confiscation of the guarantees of origin for biogas, for which aid is paidwill lead to a chain reaction of negative consequences for both investors, the climate and the state’s economy. 

The sale of guarantees of origin constitutes a significant part of the decision basis that has been decisive for investors and other financial sources to invest in the increased biogas production in recent years*”. 

At Biogas Express, we have closely followed the situation and are happy about the fact that we can now look forward to a continued development of the biogas industry as well as the further work to ensure sustainably produced biomethane from our good collaboration facilities to our customers. 


The current system of guarantees of origin is maintained
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