There is still a big potential for Danish biomethane


On TV2 News, Saturday 24 April 2021, it was announced by the Minister of Climate and Environment, Dan Jørgensen, that they are aiming to increase the amount of biomethane from the current approx. 20% to 70% towards 2030. This ambition is in correlation with Biogas Denmark’s note from June 2020, in which it is estimated that only 20% of the manure from Danish agriculture is currently degassed in a biogas plant. 

The production of Biogas is attributed to a large part of the improvements found in the latest projections for Denmark’s reduction of CO2 emissions. An expansion of the production of Danish biomethane, produced by 2nd generations of biomasses from agriculture, industry, and society, must continue to be one of the cornerstones in the realization of the Danish objectives in the climate and energy field. 

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There is still a big potential for Danish biomethane
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