Launch of biogas as part of the product portfolio

Biogas Thorsø

Biofuel Express A/S and Biogem APS have chosen to establish a joint venture in the form of Biogas Express. Hereby expertise from the biogas sector combined with the passion for the green transition and sustainable fuels.

This means that Biogas Express in future will be able to offer biogas to companies that want to improve their climate and environmental footprint.

The benefits of biogas are many, among other things it should be mentioned that:

  • Biogas production functions as a circular economy.
  • Biogas will be able to partially replace natural gas and can be transported around the country in the exisiting natural gas grid.
  • In several studies, biogas production has been found to be the cheapest method of reducing the greenhouse effect.
  • Biogas plants also helps to create employment in agriculture, where new jobs are needed in several places.
  • The use of degassed manure as fertilizer instead of raw manure also means that the production of nitrous oxide in the soil is reduced. This is also important for reducing the climate impact.
  • Biogas can help replace fossil fuels such as coal, diesel, or petrol.
  • Degassed manure smells far less than raw manure. It therefore produces fewer odor nuisances in connection with the application of livestock manure in the fields.

You can see all benefits here.

You are welcome to contact us to find out more about your options for the conversion to a fossil-free transport using biogas.

Phone: + 45 61 71 88 11

Launch of biogas as part of the product portfolio
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