Esbjerg’s garbage trucks are going green

Marius Pedersen biogas

On Monday morning the 21st of September, 22 brand new garbage trucks rolled out on the streets of Esbjerg Municipality. The vehicles run on biogas and save the environment more than 600 tons of CO2 per year.

We are proud that Marius Pedersen has chosen us as partner for the biogas delivery, where the biogas is produced at Ølgod biogas plant.

In relation to the introduction of the new trucks running on biogas, Minister of Transport Benny Engelbrecht also visited Marius Pedersen.

Photo: Minister of Transport Benny Engelbrect. Source: Marius Pedersen.

The vehicles run on biogas, which is produced from waste from households, agriculture, and industry in Denmark. The compaction of the waste in the cars is electrically powered, which means that the noise level is low.

The vehicles are CO2-neutral and will serve the citizens of Esbjerg Municipality. In the requirements specification, the municipality has emphasized that the cars must have the least possible impact on the environment and give the least possible noise, smoke, and odor nuisance.

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Esbjerg’s garbage trucks are going green
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